How do I reinvent myself? My life? My career?


What is the purpose of my life? What is my vision? How do I enrich my life with purpose?


What do I want? What is substantial to me? Which decisions will I make?


Which perspectives do I have?


What is my path?


Who am I?


What is causing stagnation inside of me?

Reinvent your future for an exhilarating, fulfilled and prosperous life!

What I Offer

Reinvent Your Future

Through this process you will explore what you love to do, what you are great at and how to translate these insights into actions to reinvent yourself. You will be able to connect your potential and passion with your future!

Discover Your Purpose

Through this process you will discover your true purpose. You will be able to create a purposeful vision which will enable you to have a fulfilled life and create the legacy you desire.

Motivlandschaft Exploration

This is a process where you will explore your essence, your deeply embedded life interests, your true potential as well as your motives and values. You will be able to find out what you really really want in life, what you love to do and how to integrate your potential into your life.

How often?

Reinvent Your Future usually takes between 1-3 months (4-12 sessions).

How often?

Discover Your Purpose usually takes between 1-3 months (4-12 sessions).

How often?

Motivlandschaft Exploration usually takes between 1-4 weeks (3-4 sessions).

Find clarity, new perspectives and reinvent your future!

About Xerxes

I am Persian by birth and I am currently based in Vienna, Austria. I am an internationally certified and trained counsellor, coach and organisation developer as well as the owner and managing director of Metamorphosers Future Consulting.

My background is interdisciplinary, a fact which is influenced by the fact that I have studied and worked in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia. In the UK, I have studied philosophy, politics and economics for my bachelor’s degree. I continued studying counselling and transpersonal psychology for my master’s degree in Austria. Furthermore, I have studied and worked with traditional oriental medicine, family constellation work and holotropic breath-work. I have learned and practiced Buddhist, Taoist and Sufi technics, and I have worked as a mindfulness and meditation teacher for more than 10 years.

My main talent is to connect polar opposites to create, rethink, reimagine and reinvent. I have a strong intuition for the root causes of problems as well as people’s true potential and how it can unfold in the future.

I reinvented my future twice. The first time was while at my first job after university when I was working as a business consultant. I was not too happy with my future perspectives. After a transformative experience, I went into people development and holistic healing work. The second time I reinvented my future was after I married and realized that I need to change my business and life-model radically if I wanted to continue living an exciting, fulfilled and prosperous life with my wife.

Connect your potential with the future!


Over the years, I have worked with many executive coaches. Xerxes is very different. Because of his interdisciplinary background, he has an unusual approach. He is more like a mystic with a business background than the usual business or life coach. I do recommend to work with him since he is very trustworthy and exceptionally professional. Amir D., CEO

I appreciate Xerxes’s calmness and concentration. I always feel in good hands. His trust for his intuition gives him the ability to combine know-how with improvisation, thereby providing the most appropriate intervention to a given person at a given moment and circumstance. Nicolas H., consultant

Working with Xerxes is fulfilling and gratifying. From the first day you will have someone with great human values which can attend your case. He can hear you and with an open mind gives proper and rational advice. I felt that my case was being taken care of with interest and in professional terms. I knew right away that my money was well invested. I deeply recommend taking the opportunity to work with him. Juan C., diplomat

Create the life you love!


This is great for you if
  • you want to reinvent
    • your future
    • yourself
    • your career – within your organization or if you want to pursue a new career path
  • you want to become self-employed or an entrepreneurs
  • you reached a crossroad
  • you experience a major crisis
  • you want to live a purposeful retirement
  • you are in search for meaning

Cost & Payment

The cost of the reinvention or purpose process is $350/month*. This includes 3-4 session as well as email support. The cost for Motivlandschaft exploration is also $350. Additional sessions of any kind cost $150 per session.

The payment is simple and secure and is processed through PayPal. You can also pay securely by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club through PayPal. However, you do not need to sign-up with PayPal to pay by credit card.

To make a payment, please click on the “Make Payment” button on the right side.

  • via Skype
  • via phone
  • via email (although via Skype or phone is usually easier)
  • upon request at the city of your choice. However, in this case, you need to cover the travel costs – a prospect which makes the process much more expensive.

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